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KUYICHI – Your Source for Organic Denim


Photo credit – KUYICHI


Photo credit – KUYICHI


Environmentally conscious brand, KUYICHI, continues to be at the forefront in sustainable design. Organic and recycled fabrics dominate their collections.


My Generation: Wes Rides the London Tube

Where did you study abroad?
London, UK

What was the most exciting thing about this place?

The London Tube (subway system) was the best public metro I’ve ever used in the world. While cars are still relatively prevelant on the London streets, the bulk of the populace uses the Tube to get to work, home and wherever they need to go. And most importantly includes going to my favorite pub, “The Old School Yard”  and grabbing a hearty meat pie and a tall pint of English ale.

Was there anything related to environmental awareness or sustainability worth sharing?

For being one of the largest metropolitan cities in the world, London has some of the best parks and gardens. Having nice and natural areas for recreation and preserving some sense of biodiversity in a major urban center is something expanding cities all around to world can use an example.

Is there one thing that you do in your daily life that can be attributed to sustainability?

I don’t litter (too much)

Why do you think Sustainability or environmental awareness is so important to our generation?
While the consequences of macro environmental issues seem too far off for us to care about (global warming, rising seas, etc) there are many natural wonders that we can preserve right now through increased education and more effective government actions. Taking extra steps to save endangered species and preserving untouched natural areas may seem small and unimportant in the overall scheme of global sustainability, but these small steps will lead to larger leaps towards a more globally sustainable society.

What degree, have you received or are currently seeking?
I have achieved a BA in Business Administration with a focus in Finance from the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington.

If you could travel to one place in the world where would it be, and why?
Singapore. It is a melting pot of different cultures from all over Asia and is a very interesting city. Also since it is unique in the sense that is essentially a modern city-state, it has taken great measures to be one of the most sustainable cities in the world.

PANDA: Eco-friendly Handmade Bamboo Sunglasses

I have to get me a pair of these.

Check out PANDA for more products.

For every pair you purchase, the PANDA-TOMA partnership will provide an eye or medical exam to a person in need. We will also donate a pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses (for those with cataracts or a similar type of eye deficiency)

Mr. Guac Truck // Filipino – Mexican

Photo Credit: Alvin Ong

If you are ever traveling through the Philippines make sure to check out Mr. Guac Truck!

“We had to design a business system that is economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable …We try to make our operations as sustainable as possible; as such, we limit total energy consumption of the truck by using LEDs and energy efficient lighting, upcycled an old delivery truck into a highly designed mobile eatery, utilize a small footprint by maximizing the available space within the 12′ x 6.5′ delivery truck, and developed a system that encourages customers to return our packaging for recycling.” 


Starbucks’ Reclamation Drive-Thru

Starbucks’ new Reclamation (Reclaimed Shipping Container) Drive-Thru just opened in Tukwila, WA.

(photos via ~ Hommie)

EVO gets it Local // Casual Industrees SEA

evo Inc. sources locally w/ Casual Industrees tees ( photos via evo Inc.)

1. Casual Industrees | I Heart NW T Shirt

2. Casual Industrees | I Heart Rain T Shirt

WOODZEE // Wood Looks Good


Ecuador Aviator from Woodzee.

Woodzee is working on a program, for every pair sold one tree is planted.

My Generation: Marissa gets Greek

Where did you study abroad?

Ioannina, Greece

What do you think was the most exciting thing about this Ioannina, Greece?

The most exciting thing for me was probably the cultural differences between the people who lived in Ioannina and the people I’m used to in America.

 Part of my school work there was to do interviews with the locals and interact with the interviewees and my Greek teachers on a daily basis which was a very different and exciting experience. The travelling I did in Greece was also very exciting. I was able to see so much history and learned a lot about the Greek culture. It was very cool.

Was there anything related to environmental awareness or sustainability worth sharing?

It was just interesting to see what kinds of things are most important to people in other cultures. At the time I was in Greece there was a lot of controversy regarding the countries financial situation which was a huge concern for many people living in Greece. Situations like this take precedent over many less pressing daily problems such as environmental awareness, which most people were not interested in whatsoever in Greece. I talked to one of my teachers about environmental awareness in Greece and he explained to me that people feel they have more important things to think about, like providing food for their families, especially in a time of a financial crisis in the country.

Is there one thing that you do in your daily life that can be attributed to sustainability?

I ride the bus often, recycle/compost, am aware of my energy consumption inside the home, and am pursuing sustainable building/design as my career.

Why do you think Sustainability or environmental awareness is so important to our generation?

I think that our generation is responsible for getting the ball rolling on environmental awareness because with the technology and knowledge available to us today we have no excuse to ignore the impacts we are making on the environment and we should try to do as much as we can to make a positive change for future generations.

What degree, have you received or are currently seeking?

I graduated from the University of Washington with a major in Community, Environment and Planning and focuses on Urban Planning and Environmental Studies. I want to work in sustainable building and design doing home interiors, hopefully starting my own company someday. My dream would be to have a show on HGTV.

If you could travel to one place in the world where would it be, and why?

Ireland, my family is Irish and I’ve always wanted to go.

If you could be one animal in the world what would it be?

I would be a loon because they can swim and fly.

My Generation: Interview with Maxim Home Town Hottie Aja Dang

“So Aja, what school did you attend and what field of work would you ultimately like to end up in?”

“I received my BA in marketing from University of San Francisco and am currently working towards my MA in broadcast journalism at the Annenberg School of Journalism at USC. My ultimate goal is to have my own travel show, which will explore the various cultural, dating and religious aspects of each city or country. Traveling is a passion of mine and I hope to give people a more in-depth look at different cultures other than our own. I also think that when people see the natural beauty the world has to offer, they will want to stop destroying it by making a conscious effort to save our environment and natural resources.”

What is it like running around conducting interviews for Neon Tommy covering stories from, Celebrity filled events to Sustainability planned initiatives? What was it like to be in Campus Girls and Maxim?

“Working for Neon Tommy has been a very eye opening experience. I have covered topics ranging from California politics, sustainability initiatives, red carpet events and the LAUSD. I recently started a weekly column called Blacklisted, which explores the most bizarre stories in popular culture. Conducting interviews continues to be a nerve wracking experience, especially with topics I am not too familiar with, but doing research before hand and preparing questions ahead of time always makes the interviews go as smoothly as possible. Covering red carpet events is not as glamorous as one might think! There is a lot of down time and normally you only have a couple of minutes with celebrities and have to try to hold their interest. The most fascinating topics, to me, are always the ones dealing with sustainability and the environment. People are very passionate about the issue, which makes for a more engaging story.”

“Being in Campus Girls was a great experience. As I previously said, I love to travel, and being able to shoot a swimsuit calendar in the Virgin Islands was quite the treat. The locals are so kind, it reminded me of being back home in Hawaii. Being a semi-finalist in Maxim’s Hometown Hotties has been a great experience so far. It’s never fun having to compete for votes against 99 other beautiful women, but I feel that I have unique characteristics, which will take me all the way to the top 10!”

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 You have covered a few stories related to Sustainability in the Los Angeles area, why do you think sustainability is so important to our generation?

“Sustainability is very important for our generation because we simply don’t have any other choices. We are using non-renewable resources at an alarming rate and although people are aware of this I don’t think they fully grasp the gravity of the situation. Although there are initiatives in place to help decrease global warming and increase awareness of sustainable options, the government can only do so much. The responsibility is on the community.”

Los Angeles is known to have some of the worst air pollution in the country, what is the city doing to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly?

“The city is doing quite a bit to help alleviate the air pollution in LA. The Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority (LAMTA) is the first major transit authority to run its entire fleet completely off of natural gas. This reduces carbon emissions by 300,000 pounds a day and cuts smog forming chemicals by 90 percent. The city also passed a new master bike plan, which boasts 1,680 miles of interconnected bike ways all over the city. Along with increased driver awareness and safer cycling roads, the plan pledges to add 200 miles to the path every five years. Both of these initiatives are helping to reduce gas emissions from cars and trucks by giving the community healthier and greener transportation options. The LA County Board of Supervisors also passed the plastic bag ban last year but I haven’t really seen that being enacted or reinforced.”

Would you say that the attitude to being more environmentally conscious is picking up in LA?                     

“I can’t really tell whether or not LA is becoming more environmentally conscious. I know that there are various environmental groups trying to set the stage for a greener city, but I don’t think most of the people can be bothered with worrying about the issue. Although air pollution is a major issue in the city, I think that LA is too much of a driving city for people to want to get out of their cars and use different means of transportation. It is just more convenient for everyone to drive. There are cities, like San Francisco, that are extremely conscious about the environment, and while I hope LA will get there one day, the city is definitely not there yet.”

Is there one thing that you do in your daily life that can be attributed to sustainability?

“There are many things I do in my daily life to help this situation. Only using natural sunlight during the day and turning off lights in rooms I am not in at night is a simple way to not only save energy, but to decrease your electricity bill. I try to walk every where, which unfortunately is hard to do in LA, but I am going to buy a bike soon so I can go to the grocery store or gym without having to jump into my car. And instead of buying Tupperware, I keep the containers I get from ordering out or grocery shopping so I don’t have to dirty the landfills with more plastic. Everything from using reusable tote bags, to carrying around a stainless steel water bottle helps.”

If you could travel to one place in the world where would it be, and why?
“I would love to go to Greece or Croatia. Culture, food and ocean-what more could a girl want on a vacation?”

If you could be one animal in the world what would it be? 

“I would be a dolphin because they are super smart and really graceful.”

Make sure to vote for Aja in Maxim’s Hometown Hottie contest! You can see more of Aja here and the awesome stories she covers for Neon Tommy!

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