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Climate: Your Fired

Donald Trump joins the hoard of conservative climate change deniers. Trump spoke to a group of 500 members, apart of the Trump National Golf Club in Westchester, New York. He called upon the  Noble Prize Committee to take back Vice President, Al Gore’s 2007 Noble Peace Prize. New York, similar to the eastern continental U.S., has witnessed one of the coldest winters in history.Major cities have been setting record low temperatures and record snow fall.

Although Trump mentioned that the cleanup of American industry would only make the United States a mockery to China, India, and Japan, environmentalists and other officials have stated that China, India, and Japan are actually leading the way in clean-energy technology.

On the west coast and around the globe, major cities have been reporting record highs, for winter temperatures. In Vancouver, Canada, snow had to be trucked in, because there was too little, for a few of the 2010 winter olympic events.

I guess when we talk about GLOBAL warming, I guess we’re really talking about New York.