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National Wildlife Refuges at Risk

Brown Pelicans at Breton NWR

As of right now there are eight major National Wildlife Refuges at risk or in danger of being affected by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Pass -A-Loutre is most likely to be hit first by the oil slick, a refuge known for its roost of endangered Brown Pelicans. The second is one of the oldest Wildlife Refuges in United States History, the Breton National Wildlife Refuge. The Refuge was established by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1904. This sanctuary is habitat to over 34,000 birds, various sea turtles, and other wildlife. Around 17,000 pairs of nesting birds call the island home, rearing their chicks. Next on the list is the Gulf Islands National Wildlife Refuge. This habitat hosts approximately 12 different federally listed threatened and endangered species. Other Refuges that are at risk are the Delta, Mississippi Sandhill Crane, Grand Bay, and Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuges.


Oil spill on the Great Barrier Reef

~ The Age

A Chinese freight ship crashed into the Barrier Reef on Saturday and as of today has started (April 5, 2010) leaking oil into the surrounding waters. The ship was outside of its shipping lane and ran aground.  Officials say the ship is dangerously close to breaking apart. Australia’s Prime Minister is outraged over the illegal trespassing of the Shen Neng 1 ship. The ship could face up to 1 million in fines.