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We Flashy // Clothing for the Modern Bicyclist

We Flashy was started by two NYU students, Alex Vessels and Mindy Tchieu, as their final project in a Wearable Technologies design class. The purpose of the We Flashy project was to make universal clothing more modern, reflective, versatile, and most importantly, visible  for bikers and pedestrians.  Their idea was simple and genius, “…we wanted something we’d actually wear. So, we decided to try and incorporate reflective materials into things we wear everyday.”

We Flashy items are great because, while flashy and reflective at night, they can be seamlessly worn during the day, at work or at home, unnoticed. This is perfect for the urban dweller and nighttime bicycling enthusiast.

The brand is just starting to “oil its gears”. Since the design was conceptualized in the classroom, Alex and Mindy sought funding assistance from, one of the largest funding platforms for creative projects online. They have raised $9,494, well over their stated goal of $6,500. The unique thing about is that each project must receive their intended funding goal by a specified date, to receive any of the funds at all. Since We Flashy has accrued more than 146% in funding, their project will go live  this Friday, June 3, @ 3:46pm!

I just made my pledge. You have three days left to make yours and get the limited edition Nautical stripped Sweatshirt (the coolest piece they have in their collection thus far, in my opinion), PLEDGE HERE at