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Starbucks’ Reclamation Drive-Thru

Starbucks’ new Reclamation (Reclaimed Shipping Container) Drive-Thru just opened in Tukwila, WA.

(photos via ~ Hommie)

Little Water Cantina // Cinco de Mayo Opening

Culinary Producer and consultant to “Top Chef” Shannon Wilkinson just opened his newest restaurant, Little Water Cantina, on Eastlake Ave in Seattle!

  To celebrate Cinco de Mayo today I decided to give it a shot. Shannon and his wife Laura, have put in a lot of work to get this restaurant started. I have noticed the construction, for quite some time now and have been anticipating its arrival to the neighborhood. The inside of the restaurant has a modern design and is looking to achieve LEED Platinum approval, with on site composting and efficient water usage. As you enter you can smell the essence of reclaimed wood (which is not a bad thing). A cool feature along the back side, is a wall constructed of recycled bottles.

I was seated pretty swiftly near the back by a couple big glass window doors. The view was  unbeatable, and even though we had typical Seattle weather, I could still see gas works (This place is almost certainly going to be at max capacity on 4th of July).

Since it was only their soft opening their menu had been posted on a couple chalk boards. My girlfriend and  I opted for the Turkey Enchilada with Hazelnut Mole, with a side of Chips and Salsa.

To start, I will say that I am not willing to give up on this place yet, with a soft opening and the restaurant needing to get a rhythm down. The dish came out at a weird temperature. Both my girlfriend and I noticed this right away. It seemed like it wanted to be a cold dish but came out lukewarm. The Hazelnut Mole was excellent. If it had been a little spicier I would have loved it. The turkey was shredded and was good but came interesting enchilada style. Overall the dish was good but not necessarily worth $13.

I personally, will be going back to “LWC” , to give it a shot and to see what their full menu has to offer. I can appreciate that the restaurant has put some effort into it’s design, to seek LEED certification.

Philips Solar Flower

Philips has come up with an ingenious design for solar-powered street lamps. The lamp collects solar and wind power throughout the day, literally blooming and transforming with the weather. At night the pedals close to create a standard street lamp. The ecological light design is also only utilized when needed, as the lamp is configured with proximity sensors.

I hope Seattle takes advantage of this technology!



Dial in the H20

Designer Eun ji Byeon has crafted a sleek new way to preserve water. A stainless steel faucet and dial. The dial comes in increments of 5, 10, 15 seconds or more.  This new design may be popular with the older generation, reining in memories of old school rotary phones.

The push button is out and the dial is in.

Eun ji Byeon ~ posted by Yanko Design