My Generation: Marissa gets Greek

Where did you study abroad?

Ioannina, Greece

What do you think was the most exciting thing about this Ioannina, Greece?

The most exciting thing for me was probably the cultural differences between the people who lived in Ioannina and the people I’m used to in America.

 Part of my school work there was to do interviews with the locals and interact with the interviewees and my Greek teachers on a daily basis which was a very different and exciting experience. The travelling I did in Greece was also very exciting. I was able to see so much history and learned a lot about the Greek culture. It was very cool.

Was there anything related to environmental awareness or sustainability worth sharing?

It was just interesting to see what kinds of things are most important to people in other cultures. At the time I was in Greece there was a lot of controversy regarding the countries financial situation which was a huge concern for many people living in Greece. Situations like this take precedent over many less pressing daily problems such as environmental awareness, which most people were not interested in whatsoever in Greece. I talked to one of my teachers about environmental awareness in Greece and he explained to me that people feel they have more important things to think about, like providing food for their families, especially in a time of a financial crisis in the country.

Is there one thing that you do in your daily life that can be attributed to sustainability?

I ride the bus often, recycle/compost, am aware of my energy consumption inside the home, and am pursuing sustainable building/design as my career.

Why do you think Sustainability or environmental awareness is so important to our generation?

I think that our generation is responsible for getting the ball rolling on environmental awareness because with the technology and knowledge available to us today we have no excuse to ignore the impacts we are making on the environment and we should try to do as much as we can to make a positive change for future generations.

What degree, have you received or are currently seeking?

I graduated from the University of Washington with a major in Community, Environment and Planning and focuses on Urban Planning and Environmental Studies. I want to work in sustainable building and design doing home interiors, hopefully starting my own company someday. My dream would be to have a show on HGTV.

If you could travel to one place in the world where would it be, and why?

Ireland, my family is Irish and I’ve always wanted to go.

If you could be one animal in the world what would it be?

I would be a loon because they can swim and fly.


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