My Generation: Ty says “Bonjour” to Montpellier

Where did you study abroad?

“Montpellier, France in the southern French region, Languedoc-Roussillon”

What do you think is the coolest, most stimulating, most exciting thing about Montpellier France?

“I was there during the summer, and the Mediterranean Coast of France is beautiful, the weather, the people, the culture, the food and the history. The region has such a rich history and culture to learn about and enjoy.”

As for sustainability, anything worth sharing?

“There are bicycles to rent as a sort of alternative transport sharing system. They’re cheap and have racks of bicycles all around the city where you can drop a few Euros and rent it for a few hours or the day. There is also an electric tram system with two lines in service and two being constructed.”

What do you do to live a more sustainable way of life?

“I try to recycle as much as possible and use as many reusable products as possible to eliminate needless waste such as cloth grocery bags and water filters instead of bottled water. I also compost organic waste products.”

Why do you think Sustainability is so important to our generation?

“With a global community constantly growing and the even steeper increase of resource consumption and waste production, it is important that we become as mindful and responsible as possible with every resource we have for future generations and the global environment.”

What degree are currently seeking?

“I have received my bachelors in Psychology and will be attending law school in the fall.”

Where else would you be interested in visiting?

“Mali, because it’s a French speaking country and the home to the music group Amadoe et Mariam.”

If you could be one animal in the world what would it be?

“Snow leopard”


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