Blog Action Day 2010, WATER: 118 Countries 22 MILLION Readers!


Blog action day this year will be held on Friday, October 15th. The topic is Water. Grass Stain just registered. If you have a blog sign up and join the, more than 2800 other blogs that are participating in the international organization. You don’t have to be an expert on water just participate. Some people may know that we did a post and documentary on Environmental Justice here in Seattle at the beginning of the summer. The documentary focused on water pollution and the toxic superfund site that sits on Seattle’s industrial Duwamish River. We will be revisiting the subject and spreading awareness about “EJ”! Stay tuned and Participate!

ABOUT: Blog Action Day 2010 “Last month we asked you what topic you wanted to write about for Blog Action Day 2010, and thousands of you responded. Dozens of issues received support, but one stood out above the others, gathering nearly one-third of the vote.

I am very excited to announce this issue as the topic for Blog Action Day 2010: Water.

Today we unveiled the Blog Action Day 2010 site, and aim to make this year’s event the largest single day of action on the web in 2010 . Click here to check out the new site and register for Blog Action Day 2010, held on October 15th.

You don’t need to be a water expert to participate – you just have to be interested in joining thousands of other bloggers from more than 100 countries in collectively raising awareness of one of the most important issues facing our world.”



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  1. Hi, Sebast Here, I enjoy this joint I could definitely get involved here.

    2010 at 11:29 am

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