My Generation: Marina on Living in Costa Rica

Where did you study abroad, live, or have lived that you would like to share for the Sustainability Project?:


What do you think was the most exciting thing about Costa Rica?:

“It is a beautiful country with an incredibly educated populace. Since the country has no army they spend a lot more on education. You can talk about politics, the environment, economics with practically anyone!”

Is there anything related to environmental awareness or sustainability worth sharing? :

“I was so blown away by how eco the entire country is. When we would visit certain sites they would have plaques explaining the importance of recycling and taking care of the environment. Environmentalism is just an everyday conversation and part of life in Costa Rica.”

Is there one thing that you do in your daily life that can be attributed to sustainability?:

“I do so many things to be eco.. it’s hard to pick just one! I compost and recycle, I don’t have a car so I carpool to work, ride my bike and ride the bus around town. I buy eco cleaning products and reduce my use of paper products as much as I can. I buy bulk whenever possible and shop organic and fair trade. Just to list a few! “

Why do you think Sustainability or environmental awareness is so important to our generation?:

“The past generations have trashed our environment. New technology and ways of thinking are leading us toward different ways of generating electricity and living life to deal with the problems that they created. Our generation is at the forefront of this change. It is up to us to teach the next generation how to take good care of the earth if we hope to continue living on it as just one more organism. Our generation is the one that is finally starting to understand that we are just one small part of the earth and depend on the resources of the earth as well as the earth’s living beings (bees for example) for our survival. We are the ones that are now coming to understand that in order for us to sustain our lives on earth we need to take care of it. “

What degree, have you received or are currently seeking, or what field of work are you looking to jump into?:

“I graduated with a BA in Latin American Studies with minors in Spanish and Environmental Studies and am currently working on my Masters Degree in Teaching for Elementary Education. “

If you could travel to one place in the world where would it be, and why?:

“Right now if I could travel to one place in the world it would probably be… Argentina. To see my family again.”

If you could be one animal in the world what would it be?:

“If I could be one animal in the world I would be a Tiger… top of the food chain baby!”


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