… What about Bisphenol A (BPA)?

The ring-pull tab on an aluminium drinking can.

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I swear I learn something new everyday about the products we consume, the stuff we eat, and the materials we purchase. It all has some weird transparency that leads to our own individual health. In this case I happened to be reading last month’s Men’s Health issue, the one preceding Jake Locker’s feature. It mentioned something about a freaked out reader, on the issues of BPA. I asked, “What the hell is BPA? If someone else is scared maybe I should be concerned too? According to the article we can find BPA (Bisphenol A) in canned foods, polycarbonate containers, aluminum reusable water bottles, and other beverage cans. Many manufacturing companies use BPA to essentially line the insides of these products. “No brainer” there, if its touching my food or my beverage I am probably going to consume some of it. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has decided to delve into the matter because of the potential health risks that may accompany the consumption. Risks may include cancer, which is scary; dysfunction in the nether regions for men, which scares me along with all of my buddies; problems related to the major organ that keeps our blood pumping, I gave my girlfriend my heart a long time ago I would like to make sure it stays intact; and some added weight gain, which always sucks.  Thankfully Men’s Health offers some alternatives so we can try to consume the least amount of BPA as possible. They recommend purchasing fresh or frozen foods, use glass or BPA-free plastic containers, drink from stainless steel water bottles, and consume a beverage like a beer from a bottle.

Now that I am educated on the matters of BPA I can safely enjoy a tuna melt (tuna from a pouch) and hit the gym before work with my stainless steel water bottle.

Source ~ Men’s Health July/August 2010 Issue


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