Pedal for electricity

~ Crown Plaza Copenhagen

The Danish hotel the Crown Plaza Copenhagen has decided to offer free meal vouchers to its guests for harnessing electricity. How are the guests generating electricity do you ask? The Plaza’s gym facility comes equipped with cycling machines that are attached to a generator. For lowering the hotel’s electricity bill, the Plaza has decided to show its gratitude by offering free meal vouchers up to 36 euro to its guests. The guests would have to produce 10 watt hours to receive the vouchers, approximately 15 minutes worth of pedaling. The high tech bicycle equipment comes with a pre-attached  iphone that measures the amount of electricity generated.

Copenhagen has one of the highest cycling percentages in Europe. It only seems fitting for the Danish hotel to implement such a sustainable technology.

Here in Seattle it would be interesting to see if other businesses, such as gyms or fitness centers could implement programs similar to the Crown Plaza.  Maybe, credit towards a gym membership?  This would be a clean and sustainable way of harnessing energy and lowering electricity bills.

Universities or colleges with intramural athletic centers should look into plugging their “flock” of cycling and treadmill machines up to a generator to harness energy. (Hint Hint nudge nudge…University of Washington)


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