Socially Responsible: Arbor Collective

Arbor ~ photo by

“To this end, Arbor was founded to design products around the goal of replacing as many environmentally harmful materials as possible, with functional, ecologically based alternatives. The mission is to deliver performance, durability, and style in the most responsible way possible. The result must be quality and reduced environmental impact.” 

 Arbor has enhanced its design for the new spring-summer collection and now features a collection of bamboo fabric apparel. Bamboo is more comfortable and more durable than most fabrics. It provides breathability, UV protection, and temperature regulation. The clothing line also comes chemical free, because bamboo fabric is naturally antibacterial and antifungal. Bamboo is naturally sustainable, and grows faster, uses less water, and improves soil.  

“Bamboo Boardshorts – $56.95 to $59.95 – Arbor boardshorts are made with a bamboo nano-particle infused polyester. This technical bamboo application allows Arbor to create a faster drying and more breathable boardshort with natural antimicrobial properties that reduce odor and skin irritation. The bamboo content also lessens Arbor’s reliance on petroleum-based polymers (polyester) by 40%.  The new 22-inch design comes in three styles with two colorways each. The pockets and drainage features have all been updated.”




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